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LACB is a 501c3 non-profit. It is only because of our generous donors and grants that we are able to keep all of our performances free and open to the public. All amounts are welcome.

If you wish to donate to the band, please use the email option below. 

LEGACY CIRCLE ($1000 and up)

Supporters in the Legacy Circle will receive a full page ad in our program, a window cling for home or office, 25% off additional merchandise, and their name prominently featured in our program. Legacy donors also have the option of sponsoring an entire concert or performance. For more information on this option, please contact us with the email feature below.

FOUNDER'S CIRCLE ($500 to $1000)

Donors receive a half full page ad in our program, a window cling to show their support, 25% off additional merchandise, and their name featured in our program for the season.

CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE ($250 to $500)

Donors at this level receive two window clings, a free quarter page advertisement in our programs, 25% off on any additional merchandise, two window clings, and their name proudly displayed in each program for the season.


Each generous donor will receive a window cling, a free 1/8th page advertisement in our programs, 25% discount on all additional merchandise, and their name proudly displayed in each program for the season.

PATRON OF THE ARTS ($50 to $100)

Each patron will receive a window cling, 10% of any additional advertising and merchandise, and their name proudly displayed in each program for the season.

FRIEND OF THE BAND (up to $50)

All of our generous friends will receive a window cling and their name proudly shared in each program.


Auditions are held during the months of September and January. If you're interested in playing with the band, please check out our player's guide and use the email option below to contact us. All requests will be forwarded to section leaders and the director. Auditions are held with appropriate section leaders to ensure proper placement. Section leaders are appointed by the director.

Player's Guide

Starting in 2017, LACB is proud to be participating in the Impact Foundation's Giving Hearts Day. Click here for more information.

Impact Foundation offers resources that equip social and businesses entrepreneurs to accomplish their missions: we teach nonprofits how to master fundraising and businesses how to secure government contracts that deliver capital essential to their bottom lines, growth and  job retention. Thanks to valuable partners, visionary directors and highly driven staff, our track record of impact mounts into tens of millions of dollars in business and charity sector expansion.

Our decade of work has built a charity community that’s keeping medicine in rural towns, food pantries brimming, roofs over the homeless, places where abandoned animals are adopted as pets, breathtaking artistic productions — and more. Businesses are attracting profitable new contracts and expanding their workforces, and government units are finding North Dakota contractors to complete local projects.

Impact Foundation serves all of North Dakota, and in the case of charity sector work, also serves nonprofits in northwestern Minnesota.

Are you looking for an even easier way to donate to the band? Good news! LACB is now a charitable organization choice on Amazon Smile. 

Log in to and select us (Lake Agassiz Concert Band Inc of Moorhead, MN) as your preferred non-profit. Shop as normal, even if you're a prime member, and Amazon will donate .5% of that purchase total to us. 

No extra charge. No special fees. 

Help us by shopping as you normally would!


Established in 2017, this annual grant is awarded to an area youth music education program to assist with their curriculum needs. Be it fixing instruments, working with a guest conductor, or providing gas for the marching band, LACB recognizes each group's needs are important and necessary. We work to not only provide high quality, public performances but to support the future musicians in our area. 

Check out the pdf below for guidelines and application procedure. 

Allegro Grant Guidelines and Application

We are always looking for new partners who are supporters of the arts. Advertising in our programs is a direct and simple way to show your business's support of the arts. All ads are custom designed by our team in color or black and white to best represent your fantastic organization. Advertisements have a wide range of prices and run in concert programs for an entire season. For more information, please use the email option below.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us using the email option below. Please allow up to four business days for a response. If interested in playing with the band, please take a look at the player's guide pdf. Thanks!

Thank you for your interest in LACB.